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8 Quick Fixes to Make Your Home More Valuable

by Eric Rothman
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Increasing your home’s value is essential when putting it on the market. Taking the time and effort to fix a few things will definitely pay off in the end.

Take a tour of both the interior and exterior portions of your home to see any issues with a keen eye. Consider these 8 quick fixes to make your home more valuable:

Create Outdoor Living Space

Many potential homeowners want to have a spot to enjoy nature around their new home. Outdoor living spaces are becoming very important and can help boost home value when done right.

Consider creating a separate outdoor living area of your backyard, patio, or even front porch to show visitors that your home has an option to enjoy nature.

Get Rid of Weeds

Curb appeal means a lot when potential home buyers first arrive at your house. Make sure that the lawn looks healthy by pulling any weeds both on the lawn and in the garden areas. Weeds are not only an eyesore, but they can also reduce the value of your home as well.

Replace Broken Windows

It is not uncommon for a home to have a few windows that are either cracked or need to be replaced. According to Americraft Window Installers, the average window costs a few hundred dollars to repair.

This can seem like a lot upfront, but the payoff will be worth it when your home gets top dollar.

Don’t Forget Outdoor Plants

Trimming and pruning the plants that surround your home is an excellent way to add polish to your home’s overall look.

You may not think that an overgrown bush could really matter to a potential buyer, but the issue extends further than just looks.

Plants that have not been trimmed can be seen as neglect to new home buyers and make them subconsciously wonder if you took care of the significant portions of the house as well.

Add Some Paint

Many homes have siding, window trim, or front doors that can quickly look tired over time. Consider adding a fresh coat of paint to areas of your home that seem weary and old. Just a quick coat of paint on the front door or shutters are exterior upgrades that can significantly increase the value of your home.

Clean the Carpet

If your home has carpet flooring, it would be a good idea to have it steamed cleaned before a showing. Carpets are notorious for showing dirt and stains which can create issues for potential buyers.

Renting a carpet cleaner for a day is an easy way to brighten the look of your home. Consider hiring someone to clean the carpets if you aren’t up to the job as well.

Create More Space Indoors

Many homeowners have too many items cluttering their homes, making rooms appear to be smaller than they are. Consider staging your home with just enough furniture to complement a space.

Get rid of boxes, trash, and knickknacks and stick to allow potential home buyers to see every inch of the room.

Replace Light Bulbs

You may not have noticed the burnt-out lightbulb for weeks, but it is likely that a realtor or potential home buyer will look at the light fixture in every room.

Scan your home for any light bulbs that are burnt out and replace them before your house goes on the market. If you also notice that the light fixture is in disrepair, consider replacing it for a new model to add value to your home.

These 8 quick fixes to make your home more valuable don’t take a lot of time. Doing these small jobs will help upgrade the look of your home without much time or extra cost.

Consider all of these quick fixes to bring a top-dollar offer on your house.

Lucy Crawford is a home design and DIY writer, and lover of herbal tea. With her busy hands, she is always challenging herself with a new DIY project. She enjoys designing spaces where she can relax and enjoy a good book.

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