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6 Tips for Staging Your Outdoor Living Space

by Eric Rothman
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Staging all areas of your home is important when placing your residence on the market. Both the interior and exterior spaces of your home should showcase the beauty and potential it has to entice potential buyers to make an offer.

The capacity for outdoor areas to be used year-round is integral for those viewing your home. Consider these tips for staging your outdoor living space to appeal to potential buyers.

Create Specific Areas

Your outdoor living space should include different areas that future homeowners can enjoy. Showcase the potential for outdoor dining by creating an entertaining area complete with a dining table and chairs and outdoor dishes.

Other areas of the space should include more intimate nooks where a few chairs are placed together to make cozy spots for conversations and lounging.

Cultivate a recreational space as well where homeowners can have fun with the addition of a playground, swimming pool, or lawn game arena.

Keep It Clean

Outdoor areas of the home can be quickly disregarded in the rush to ready the property for a showing. However, making sure that the outdoor living space is clean is important in highlighting the exterior of the home.

Clear away dirt, leaves, and debris that could have easily blown into the area and keep a broom nearby to clean right before a showing. Pay close attention to newly formed cobwebs as well as other insect and wildlife debris and clear them away.

Showcase Landscaping

A beautiful outdoor space will fall short if it doesn’t incorporate plants and outdoor life. Make sure to showcase the landscaping in your outdoor living space by tidying up the garden beds and trimming shrubs and trees.

Other ways to highlight the area include spreading organic or inorganic mulch that will instantly raise the overall look. Use solar-powered spotlights to shine on plants that provide seasonal color just in case you have a showing at night.

Mature landscapes are highly sought after elements of homes as they demonstrate your long-term care and maintenance of the property.

Add Ambience

Make your outdoor space appeal to the senses by installing outdoor lighting to create an inviting atmosphere.

Use them on the edges of the space along fence lines or even underneath a dining umbrella to create a soft and romantic space.

Add in other elements of ambiance like a solar-powered water feature that creates soothing sounds as well as fragrant plants that will provide a refreshing scent for visitors.

Purchase New Additions

Picking up a few new additions to add to your outdoor living space is a smart idea when selling your home. Add some new pillows to outdoor seating to freshen up space as well as provide an extra punch of color.

Coordinate outdoor rugs and blankets as well to provide a sense of style to space if you can’t afford to purchase new outdoor furniture.

Add Potted Plants

Even when the areas surrounding your outdoor living space are landscaped, it is important to add potted plants to help bring the entire space together.

Pick up a few small potted plants at a local garden center and place them in areas where they will be most appreciated. This includes the top of the dining table as well as side tables.

Accompany these with a cup of coffee or the latest best-selling book for additional interest. Allow your new patio garden to add beauty to space as well as provide a sense of peacefulness that will appeal to potential buyers.

Those touring your home will want to be able to envision themselves enjoying every part of your property. Make sure to pay attention to the outdoor living spaces of your home in order to show that your home includes more than what is just within the interior walls.

Create a space that is inviting as well as relaxing in order to impress potential buyers. Consider all of these tips for staging your outdoor living space when putting your home on the market.

Lucy Crawford is a home design and DIY writer, and lover of herbal tea.  With her busy hands, she is always challenging herself with a new DIY project. She enjoys designing spaces where she can relax and enjoy a good book.

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