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5 Landscaping Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home

by Eric Rothman
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Curb appeal is huge when it comes to the first impression that a potential buyer has while walking up to your property. The amount of time that you put into the outdoor areas of your home can easily translate into how you have cared for the property.

Potential buyers want to see a home that has been properly cared for, as well as updated. Making sure that the outside of your home is in prime condition is a great way to create interest in your property. Consider these helpful landscaping tips to increase the value of your home.

Don’t Skip on Maintenance

The process of selling a home can be overwhelming when it comes to keeping your house in pristine condition all of the time. Make sure that you don’t forget about the maintenance that needs to be done outside as well.

Keep up on your mowing schedule as well as addressing the edges of the lawn to present a sleek look to potential buyers. Pull weeds and blow away any clippings that land on sidewalks or walkways.

If the lawn maintenance proves to be too much for you, consider hiring a lawn care company in your area to take over the needed lawn maintenance.

Replace Spent Plants

Every yard usually has one or two plants that aren’t doing well or have already completely died. Make sure to take out sickly plants that are unattractive. Choose a new replacement plant that will fare better in the soil and sunlight conditions. Native plants that already do well in your climate are a smart addition to any landscaping as well.

Add A Layer of Mulch

One of the easiest landscaping tricks is to add a new layer of mulch to your current landscaping. Organic mulching options, like bark dust, provide beautiful color to the yard as well as a fragrant scent that shows potential homeowners that you care about your property.

Other forms of inorganic mulch, like pea gravel or stones, provide a formal aspect while also shielding your landscaping from potential weeds. Adding a layer of any kind of mulch will help support plants as well as provide a clean overall look to the landscaping around your home.

Trim Overgrown Plants

One of the main eyesores that homeowners forget about is the presence of overgrown plants within a garden. Plants that have outgrown their space create an uneasy feeling of neglect.

Overgrown bushes and shrubs will cover those areas of your landscaping that were once orderly. Untrimmed trees are another part of the yard that creates an unpleasant look.

Make sure that the branches of all of the trees within the yard are trimmed high enough so that they don’t block the view of your home.

Trim any overgrown plants to help showcase the natural beauty of your yard.

Add Pops of Color

Different areas of color always attract the eye towards a home as long as they are strategically placed. Consider planting a row of daisies or interesting coleus along the main walkway up to your front door to add interest to the space.

Add a container full of bright flowers near the front door or even consider hanging a tasteful basket to welcome potential buyers. Adding pops of color all over your outdoor area will draw attention to the full scope of your yard and show potential buyers how much outdoor space is included in the price of the home.

Making sure that your landscaping looks great is a key part of piquing interest and raising the overall price point of your home. Potential buyers that see a well-kept yard will immediately be excited about the potential of the inside of the home.

Put in some effort and then step back to watch how these five landscaping tips to increase the value of your home can bring a solid offer.

Guest post written by Peter Goldberg. Peter is a gardening and landscaping writer, and outdoor extraordinaire. He likes to fire up the grill to cook for family and friends, as well as using his organically grown garden produce to create mouth-watering meals.

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