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5 Important Steps Homeowners Take When Selling

by Eric Rothman
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For those looking to sell a home, here are five steps to make the process a smooth one.

1. Price your home right. To determine the fair market price for your home, evaluate sales records from nearby, similar homes in the past 6 months. REX can help you with this.

2. Stage your home. You’ll want your home to appeal to homebuyers. Professional staging plays up your home’s best qualities to the largest swath of buyers. REX has relationships with stagers who can make your home look its best.

3. Keep your home impeccably clean for showings. There’s no way around it, a clutter-free, immaculate home helps secure top dollar offers.

4. Be honest about the house. If you know of any major defects, flooding issues, roof problems, plumbing snafus, or code violations, address them before you list the home instead of waiting for them to pop up in escrow when you’ll then have to negotiate on repairs.

5. Use REX, an experience sellers love. With REX, sellers only pay a 1% fee on the final sales price of their home, as opposed to traditional agent commissions of 5-6%.

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